Online Education vs Offline Education

So here the debate in online education vs offline education. Online education is taking part of the world and that day would not be far when without online education schools will be closed. Many people think that online education is a curse for the students. So today let’s discuss on it.

online vs offline education

Online Education vs Offline Education

  • Today everything available online, a line is famous that “Google knows everything”. Every book you want to read is available online just search on google and get it or you could go to directly websites that are providing solutions for ncert books for free. So online education is good but some people says that offline education is good because here teacher knows and parents knows that what a student is reading. Student will not read wrong things as he can read in online. So they say offline is good.
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  • As per a new infographic Offered by Get a Degree, A website dedicated to helping prospective students find an internet degree from a “real” school, you will find far more similarities between offline and online learning than you could think.”Some argue that traditional learning is better since is the only Way to maintain a fluid and strong learning process,” said the site. “However, students seem to favor the online learning model and at many Cases obtain better outcomes (if comparing the same courses online vs. Offline models). The price is another factor. Online degrees Can be up to 80 times less expensive than traditional degrees. This is a Principle, but this can be a point for your student’s choice.”

So these facts in online and offline education. think about it and send reply in comments.

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