Tech dudes, stop being so dumb about women

Little-discussed aspect of this venture-capitalist sexual-harassment revelations that have rocked the Valley of late. In their aftermath, I’ve guarantee, first- and secondhand, humen respond with announcements that could be collectively rephrased as Today Im anxious about hiring females/ investing in women/ being alone in a room with a girl, what can I do?

Dear tech dudes, stop being so dumb about women

Thats probably not a great context in which to begin naming those who are, to set the most benevolent spin on things, genuinely confused and asking in good faith.

Such humen seem not to realize that by asking this question, “they il be” communicating one or more of these 3 things TAGEND.

I’m a sexual harasser I believe females overreact to harmless and that such an accusation is a meaningful menace to me personally, and Accordingly, by extension, I feel the excellent majority of accusations of Sexual harassment, probably including those the business is so upset about right now, are wild overreactions to harmless and ordinary behaviour I believe girls induce false accusations of sexual harassment So often there’s a true risk to me personally, and for that reason, by Extension, I feel the wonderful majority of accusations of sexual Harassment, likely including those the business is so upset about right now, are false.

Yes, fine, sigh, there exist some vanishingly Few of Sociopathic or delusional girls who may theoretically create false or erroneous offenses, or possibly for some sort of private gain. Guess what? Additionally, there exist sociopathic or delusional guys who create false or incorrect accusations. Have none of you noticed American Beauty? Girls aren’t any more likely than individuals of any other sex to produce false accusations — however they are significantly more prone than men to be victims of sexual harassment. We do not have an outbreak of false accusations. We’ve got an outbreak of endemic sexual harassment of girls in technology. Concentrate on fixing this.

Last, Allow Me to just quickly tackle the “guys are drawn to girls, You can not fight that, you are attempting to kill love at work!” There’s a huge body of work, both legal and cultural, about what sexual harassment is and is not; kindly refer to at the very least a smattering of it before continuing with your asinine non-observations.

In sum, men of tech, please remember that the Issue with which we Are currently collectively attempting to grapple isn’t a issue with the women around you. Reason for it. Maybe take a harder and longer look in the mirror than usual, and consider refactoring your ways.

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