Smart houses are getting everyone sight. What makes a house A Smart house? Smart houses are nothing but house with several smart devices installed in it. These device can range from simple smart thermostats to newest Google  Home.

smart home devices

These devices make your work a lot easier. These devices work by automating your house. When you will come home you will see lights automatically opening. AC will automatically start working by sensing your footsteps. There are several such sensors available at the market that are imbedded in devices so that you will get synchronization in sensing your footsteps and switching on AC(say). This was just an example of how houses are kept automated. There is wide range of such devices available that can-do variety of such interesting things. You can control your house by your smartphone. You can get the information from internet such as news and todays temperature just by your voice. So, let’s just visit some of the smart home devices that you can buy and we will be listing some of their pros and cons. Let’s get started.

The first one is smart speaker. You will be thinking that what is need of smart speaker probably for listening music. But apparently these devices do much more than you can think. It will not be wrong to say that these devices control whole other smart gadgets that you will be installing in your home.

1- Google home

Google has come up with his smart speaker called Google home. It will all such work such as read news from the internet, give you whether update, you can set the alarm in it just by controlling from your voice. Apparently, you can do a lot more from it. You can set the smart thermostat like that of Nest thermostat so that you can enjoy all the features of Nest just by your voice. Isn’t that amazing. You can connect many smart devices provided that they will be compatible with Google Home. The competitor of Google Home is Amazon echo an elegantly designed smart speaker by Amazon. The market is filled with smart devices, so if you are going to have one please check the compatibility.

 2-Dropcam- The smart camera

Are you always afraid of your house in your absence? Then kindly think about dropcam. Dropcam is a third-generation security camera that is known for its sharp quality and clear night vision. It has a powerful zoom enabled to it.

3- Smart Thermostat

The market has Nest thermostat in it under the smart Thermostat section. The Thermostat can control the temperature smartly around your home. It can sense when you move out from your home and will automatically switch to away mode not only this it monitors your energy consumption and reports it to you every month.

4-Smart Bulbs

Philips is now making its smart bulbs. The special thing with these bulbs is that you can set its brightness and you can change its color. Isn’t that amazing.

5- Smart lock

The market has Smart Code 916 Its a smart lock. It has several special features you can check it directly from its authentic website.

So, these were certain gadgets that are ruling the world I hope you enjoyed it.

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